Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Does anyone use it? I made an account a while ago but just recently started understanding & becoming more interested in it. I'll be making quick little posts on there relating mostly to makeup, but also to food, fashion, and whatever else I feel like posting. Follow me & post your link here if you have one : )

MarkeeCoco's Tumblr

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Years Makeup Tutorial

I finally made a Tutorial for this look, which was my "Sultry Valentine's Day" makeup that I posted earlier in the year. I thought making the tutorial now would be perfect timing since the look would be great for New Year's Eve.

I tried to keep the eyes exactly the same, but I did use different products for my cheeks & lips. On my cheeks I have Sparkling Cider by Mary Kay & MAC Blunt.
For the lip color, all I used was my new favorite lip color-Exhilarating by Stila. I got this on Cyber Monday for like $6! It's super matte (which I love) & bright, and also long wearing.

That's all for this post, so I hope you all have a happy new year!
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Update (School, tutorials, MAC pro)

Haven't been posting anything on here, nor on The Tube, so here is a little update. I had been really busy with school and though I only had two classes this past semester, one of them took up a lot of my time. I am now on winter break for a couple of weeks, so I keep telling myself that I WILL make at least one tutorial, if it kills me. Especially since I will have more classes next semester, and might be busier.

On to makeup, this is something I did kind of recently (last month or so) for a contest that Enkore/Koren hosted. The makeup theme was a lip design that had to consist of 5 different colors, though this rule wasn't enforced after all -_-
The prize was his home made Hello Kitty palette, which he made a tutorial on. I didn't win the palette, but I did make my own & this is how it turned out:

And so this brings me to my (hopefully) next tutorial-'paint splattered' lips, which has been requested ever since my Bon Bain Bonnard look that I did.

Oh, another reason I need to be doing more makeup is because i've purchased lots of new products this & last month, especially with the Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales that we had in November. I also visited the MAC pro. store in San Francisco for the first time and picked up a pigment, a lipstick, and mixing medium. So that completes this post, and I will hopefully see you all in my next video : )
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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Viva Las Vegas & Polyvore

I did this a couple of weeks ago but barely got around to posting it. I've been busy with school & Polyvore <--- this site is addicting! So anyway this is a look for a Las Vegas themed contest & I chose to use the Riviera hotel/casino as my inspiration. I was inspired by the building's lights, shapes, and colors, & overall Vegas idea. So while doing this look, I was debating on whether I wanted to do the stars or not. My original idea was to do inverse shaded stars but I wasn't able to get the materials in time. I'm glad I went ahead & did the stars but it would have been much easier & precise had I had liquid liner rather than just the eye shadow pencil that I used.

The look turned out to remind me of the American Flag as well, so I created a 'set' on Polyvore inspired by the makeup look as well as America. If you don't know what Polyvore is, it is a site where you can make collages or "sets" & import items from different web sites. The site is mainly for fashion but you can create a set based on anything, whether fashion, makeup, animals, or interior design, etc... I've become addicted & my carpaltunnel is definitely suffering because of it. Haha.

Check out my Polyvore here & add me as a contact if you have an account : )

On the eyes:

L'Oreal HIP duo 'Showy'
OCC glitter 'beige'
Mary Kay navy blue eye liner
iQnatural.com mineral eye shadow 'Ray'
NYX jumbo e/s pencil 'Milk"
Salon Perfect lashes 45

I will hopefully have time to do at least a couple of Halloween looks & Tutorials for Youtube this month, so be on the look out for that. I have a few ideas already in mind but just need to make it to the costume store for some white face makeup as well as a couple of other products.

Thanks for viewing : )

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Into the Night Makeup Look

This is the makeup look I did for Michelle Phan's Tiesto & SanDisk Into the Night Contest.


This is the makeup look I did for Michelle Phan's Tiesto & SanDisk Into the Night Contest. The theme was night out makeup & or outfits (clubs, parties, etc.)I wore my simple, black, ruched sleeved dress from Urban Outfitters, which I have not even worn anywhere in real life since I haven't had the right occasion to wear it. I guess I could always dress it down. A tutorial wasn't required for this contest but I went ahead & made a video showing the process. It's a very busy look & is not easy to do but you can always take the idea & make it into something more simple.


Products used for this look:

Mary Kay eye primer
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
Mary Kay eye shadow 'Golden' (I use this a lot-it's one of my favorites!)
Shimmery, dark teal color (WHALES palette)
Matte black eye shadow
Body Shop eye shimmer '02'
Beauty Rush Luminous (powdered)Shadow 'Copper Feel' + Visine=eye liner (These two products work great for that)
Hot Topic turquoise glitter
Salon Perfect lashes #45
Mary Kay 'Sparking Cidre' blush


Video for this look can be watched here:


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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Purple, Glitter & Sigma Animal Inspired Makeup

I haven't updated this lately & so this post will consist of two looks.
The following look was a pretty simple makeup look that I did for my first 'live' tutorial on Youtube. I used GDE, NYX, and Milani Minerals for that look. The lighting, angles, & quality in that vid. were not great but i'm slowly learning.

This second look was for a Sigma makeup contest on Youtube, which was also a live tutorial. The theme of the contest was animals-any type of animal-so I chose the Parrot Fish. I was inspired by its colors & circle spots. I had recently seen a makeup photo done by the MUA Dana Delaney which consisted of a circle like pattern similar to mine, which also inspired me.


This was my rough draft/sketch of my idea. I have been doing this lately to have a guide while actually doing the makeup. There have been so many times when my makeup turned out completely different than what I had in mind.

Products used for this look:

Garage sale stickers+hole puncher
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Still Glamorus Cosmetics blush 'Bubble Gum'
Spell Cosmetics loose shadow 'Manic'
Bright, matte yellow from WALES palette
Mac e/s 'Rule'
Hot pink & light pink e/s from palette
Mac 'Wondergrass' & 'Eye popping' e/s
White matte e/s from palette
Mac blacktrack fluidline
Paji lashes (I got two pairs from the 99 cent store)
Mac 'Morange' l/s
Sigma, Mary Kay, & Costco makeup brushes

And lastly, these were my nails from last week. I was really happy with how they turned out.


For the tutorials of these looks, check out my Youtube channel:


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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shimmer Overload

I was bored the other day after I returned from school, which was my last day & I was only there for an hour to go to my last art class and recieve my graduation cap/gown. After I got home I decided to use some makeup products that I recieved a few months ago from the contests that I had won with Tknokitten & Stillglamorus on YouTube. I had a lot of Glamour Doll Eye as well as StillGlamorus Cosmetics, Spell Cosmetics (which I am very impressed with, btw), and some Barry M Cosmetics to use....

I wasn't too happy with how this came out but I figured i'd post it anyway. Pretty much all of the pigments were shimmery, especially the GDE ones, so that's why I named this "Shimmer Overload." Shimmer doesn't photograph well so it was very difficult to get good photos. The shadows were also a bit difficult to blend; I always find shimmery shadows to be more difficult even though I often hear people say they struggle with matte shadows.

Which are easier to blend, in your opinion

(matte or shimmer eye shadows?)

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