Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shimmer Overload

I was bored the other day after I returned from school, which was my last day & I was only there for an hour to go to my last art class and recieve my graduation cap/gown. After I got home I decided to use some makeup products that I recieved a few months ago from the contests that I had won with Tknokitten & Stillglamorus on YouTube. I had a lot of Glamour Doll Eye as well as StillGlamorus Cosmetics, Spell Cosmetics (which I am very impressed with, btw), and some Barry M Cosmetics to use....

I wasn't too happy with how this came out but I figured i'd post it anyway. Pretty much all of the pigments were shimmery, especially the GDE ones, so that's why I named this "Shimmer Overload." Shimmer doesn't photograph well so it was very difficult to get good photos. The shadows were also a bit difficult to blend; I always find shimmery shadows to be more difficult even though I often hear people say they struggle with matte shadows.

Which are easier to blend, in your opinion

(matte or shimmer eye shadows?)

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Old look-BBB

So this is an old makeup look of mine that I did last year but it is still one of my favorites. I did this for a 'Lush inspired' makeup contest on Youtube. I was inspired by the retro bath bomb
"Bon Bain Bonnard" from Lush . A lot of people asked how I created the "splatter" effect. I used a wide, flat paint brush dipped in pigment & moisturizer (which acted as a 'mixing medium')and did flicking motions with the brush. And also I used a Mac shadestick for my liner. I've been wanting to do another look using this "splatter" technique but with different colors...Will do eventually.


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