Thursday, December 23, 2010

Update (School, tutorials, MAC pro)

Haven't been posting anything on here, nor on The Tube, so here is a little update. I had been really busy with school and though I only had two classes this past semester, one of them took up a lot of my time. I am now on winter break for a couple of weeks, so I keep telling myself that I WILL make at least one tutorial, if it kills me. Especially since I will have more classes next semester, and might be busier.

On to makeup, this is something I did kind of recently (last month or so) for a contest that Enkore/Koren hosted. The makeup theme was a lip design that had to consist of 5 different colors, though this rule wasn't enforced after all -_-
The prize was his home made Hello Kitty palette, which he made a tutorial on. I didn't win the palette, but I did make my own & this is how it turned out:

And so this brings me to my (hopefully) next tutorial-'paint splattered' lips, which has been requested ever since my Bon Bain Bonnard look that I did.

Oh, another reason I need to be doing more makeup is because i've purchased lots of new products this & last month, especially with the Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales that we had in November. I also visited the MAC pro. store in San Francisco for the first time and picked up a pigment, a lipstick, and mixing medium. So that completes this post, and I will hopefully see you all in my next video : )


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