Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Clarisonic Review

My birthday was in April and the only thing I asked for was a Clarisonic. I decided to order the Clarisonic Classic since I wanted it for home use (didn't need it for travel) and for use on my face only. With it, I recieved two brush heads (sensitive & normal) and all three cleansers. So I had read a lot of good reviews on it which also mentioned fast results and notice of difference after the first use. I mainly hoped the product would get rid of blackheads and oil buildup on my T-zone, especially my nose.

^ I ordered the pink one & got my name engraved on it (though it is more like a rubber type sticker than an actual engravement)

After my first use I wasn't very impressed, my face felt clean, but not as clean as I felt it could be. I used the sensitive brush for about a week and then switched to the normal brush head, which did work somewhat better. I used the product twice a day and noticed my skin became a little dry in certain areas (I have oily skin, btw) yet my T-zone still remained super oily as usual & the product claims to help with oily skin (but then again, maybe I didn't use it for a long enough period of time). I also noticed I started getting many tiny little pimples and so I thought maybe my skin didn't like the cleanser sooo I switched back to my normal cleanser (Mario Badescu). So like I said, I was hoping the Clarisonic would help get rid and prevent black heads & grime but it did nothing for that at all. I did notice an improvement in my cheeks, however, but that was not my concern/problem area. I guess I thought the product would work more as an exfoliator and would be, harsher, I guess, in order to fully remove oil & makeup buildup. I also felt that the oscillating brush did nothing. I felt the product was as effective without the oscillation on. I also feel that the brush may have been more effective if it spun instead of oscillating. So after a few weeks I knew I had to decide if I was going to keep the product or return it (because there is a 30 return policy) and I decided to return it because the price I paid for the product (about $200) and results just weren't matching up. Now had I been able to use the product for longer than the 30 days, maybe I would have noticed more benefits, but it wasn't worth the risk. I wish Clarisonic would make it a 60 day return policy so maybe I would have been able to use it longer and see more results & thus not have had to ship it back. So anyway, I guess my point of this review is to say if you're looking to get rid of blackheads and buildup from oil, this probably isn't the product for you.

Something positive though, I did have a good shipping & customer service experience with the company. The product shipped here (CA) from WA in less than a week. And also Clarisonic is very helpful on their Twitter account & responded to me whether I had a question or comment.


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